Amazing tips to master pull-ups exercise

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amazing tips to master pull ups exercise

The pull-ups are the one of most famous exercise. This exercise simultaneously works on the different muscle group of the body including biceps and the lats. Apart from biceps and lats muscles, the pull -ups also help to increase power, strength, muscle mass as well as aerobic endurance. Despite having numerous benefits many people fail to perform pull-ups. The below-mentioned tips will help you to master the pull-ups. (Also read: Four superset workout for muscular chest)

Here are the tips to master pull-ups.

Hang literally

The majority of people face problem to handle the body weight during the entire movement. The pull-ups require strong grip along with stabilizers muscles in shoulder and arms. Mastering the pull-ups build strength in shoulder and arms by practising hanging with the pull-up bar.

Assisted Pull-Ups

Once you have built the grip strength, practice assisted pull-ups. Assisted pull-ups are the same thing, only you receive help by gym partner to complete the movement of the entire exercise. (Also read: Effective weight exercises for bigger triceps)

Negative Pull-Ups

In case if you don’t have a partner for assistance, then the negative pull-ups are the great replacement for assisted pull-ups. This great exercise to build strength, even this is performed by fitness freaks, who are able to practice pull-ups easily. To practice the negative pull-ups, jump on the bar and stimulate the pull motion of movement.

Chin Ups

Chin-ups are similar to pull-ups. The chin-ups are also utilized more of your biceps to complete the movement. To practice chin-ups, grab the bar with palms facing towards you and shoulder width apart. Following this pull up yourself to the top of the bar. Then take a pause and lower yourself back down.

The Pull-Up

After following all the above-said measures. You are ready to practice pull-ups. To practice pull-ups, grab the bar with width shoulder apart. Then pull yourself up to the bar. Take a pause and lower your body slowly to start position. For better results, practice 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps. (Also read: Machine Exercises to make fantastic muscles)

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