Amazing 7-Minute workout to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

amazing 7 minute workout to lose weight and build muscle

The majority of people avoid exercise because they think that the exercise is time-consuming. We should not skip exercise as it is well-known fact that exercise keeps us fit and keep many health diseases at bay. Don’t worry, you can achieve your fitness goals with the seven minutes workout. This seven minutes workout combines aerobic and resistance training into 12 high-intensity exercises. This workout provides numerous health benefits in less time. (Also read: Best Exercises For Women To Strengthen Shoulders)

These 12 exercises should be practised in rapid succession with small rest of 10 seconds between them. Just spend 30 seconds for each exercise.

Here are the 12 exercises.

Benefits of HICT

Gives maximum results in Minimum time

This workout gives effective to result in minimum time. The set of 12 exercise you can perform at any time even if you have a busy schedule.

Total Body Workout

This workout engages all the major and minor muscles of your body. It provides the benefits of full body workout. Moreover, this provides benefits of both cardio and strength training.

Burns fat

This workout not only burns the fat while doing workout but also continue to burn calories till 24 hours of the workout.

Boost metabolism

You work on your maximum capacity while doing this set of 12 exercises. Moreover, this workout stimulates the production of growth hormone which regulates metabolism.


  • The seven-minute workout is very beneficial but it should be performed only if a person is medically fit.
  • It should be performed by people between the age group of 16-40 years because it requires a lot of effort.
  • The risk of injury is quite high while performing these exercises and you need to be cautious and understand the proper form and technique of every exercise. ( Also read: What are the advantage and disadvantage of BCAA supplement)
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