Amazing cable exercises to build strong and wide back

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amazing cable exercises to build strong and wide back

By strengthening the back, your personality becomes attractive and your upper part of the body looks strong and wide. Many exercises are made to make backs stronger in shape, but some cable exercises give you better results than all other exercises. These exercises make your back muscular muscles, which increases the strength of the whole back. (Also read: Machine Exercises to make fantastic muscles)

Let us know which cable exercise can help you to strengthen your back:

Seated cable row

Seated cable row is the main exercise to make a strong and wide back. It strengthens your back by developing your traps. To practice this exercise, sit on the ground and set the cable machine in front of the chest. Now grab the handle and bring it towards your chest and then take it back slowly. To increase the effect of this exercise, hold the handles slightly wide.

Seated single arm row

The seated single arm cable row makes one side of the back stronger independently. The biggest advantage of this is that it corrects your imbalance of back muscles. To practice this exercise, sit on the floor and set the cable machine in front of your chest. Now hold D Handle with one hand and bring it to the chest. Keep your waist straight, while doing this exercise. (Also read: Most effective exercises for muscular forearms)

Half Kneel Cable Row

You have to practice this exercise while sitting on the one knee. This exercise keeps your waist straight and becomes more active. To practices, this exercise, sit on the left knee and set the cable machine in front of the chest. Now holding the cable handle with the left arm and bringing it in front of the chest. Keep in mind that your feet are not far away from each other.

30-degree lats pull-down

The lathes pull-down exercises are quite effective to make the backs wide by strengthening the back muscles. This exercise also strengthens your traps muscles. To practice this exercise, turn your waist at the pull-down cable machine at the angle of 30 degrees and bring the machine bar over your chest. (Also read: Is it better to run outdoor or on a treadmill)

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