Alia Bhatt’s Diet Secret For Weight Loss

Alia Bhatt's Diet Secret For Weight Loss

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The cute and bubbly Dulhaniya of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt has been the talk of the town for her massive weight loss journey when she made her debut in the industry. From being a chubby cheek, she has made a long way to get a well toned perfect body. Alia Bhatt being a foodie herself could not resist eating. In her recent interview, she revealed her diet plans along with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar and all that she loves to eat without a guilt.

We often go gaga over celebrity figure without really knowing what they eat. Well, Alia Bhatt herself revealed that she eats a lot and eats what she feels is right for her. Alia Bhatt requests her fans to not just blindly follow the diet plans of other but listen to what your body demands. She marked a statement saying, ‘Eat what is good for you.’ Alia Bhatt also reveals the fact that she does not believe in eating after every 2 hours instead prefers to eat full meals. According to her, it’s a curse to measure the food and then eat.

She said she was petrified when asked to eat Poha in breakfast, roti sabzi in lunch and curd rice for dinner. But that really helped her to lose weight and get that flat belly, which she was desiring for. Her dietician Rujuta Diwekar reveals that Alia Bhatt has no fixed diet plan. It keeps changing to the different places she travels. Being a lover of curd rice and pickle, Alia Bhatt suggests her fans to eat what their heart craves for but in moderation.

She goes hay on a glass of Nimbu Pani(lemonade) with Kesar (saffron) and sugar in it. Also, she advises drinking sugarcane juice post the workout session, as it is the best choice for the body. She even talks about Kareena Kapoor following the same fitness regime.

Much to the surprise, Alia also suggests eating white rice and white bread instead of switching to the brown ones. She speaks about how difficult it is to digest brown rice and brown bread. Following her grandma’s advice, Alia is a Ghee lover and loves her food to be cooked in ghee properly. She even calls ghee – ‘A good fat’.

Alia Bhatt’s fitness tip:
She suggests eating early maximum by 8:30- 9 p.m. She requests her fans to eat slowly and moderately, giving time to yourself and your food. Eating local, wholesome and not starving oneself, is what Alia believes in. Drinking lot of water and drinking sugarcane juice post workout is her fitness tip. Besides this, Alia Bhatt unveils that she workout a lot. She devotes 3 days to gyming and takes her Kathak classes at night. Along with the same, she indulges herself in MMA (mixed martial arts) and her dance rehearsals keep her going all glowy and beautiful.

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