How to add lean mass and eliminate body fats at same time with 8*8 method

add lean mass eliminate body fats 88 method

Every fitness enthusiast desire for muscular chest as it enhances your overall appearance. It makes you look fit and muscular. People practice various kind of workout plan to get the muscular chest. Ironically, many people are annoyed because they can only gain muscle or lose mass with workout plans. Therefore, there is no workout plan which adds lean mass to the body and eliminates the body fat. It is believed that the person can not build muscle or lose fat at the same time. Generally, people separate these goals into different phases of the training process. But don’t worry you can gain lean mass while getting rid of excess fat at the same time. There is an 8*8 training pattern that can allow any dedicated lifter to achieve a fitness goal. (Also read: What are the weightlifting tips for women)

What is 8*8 training pattern?

Under 8*8 training programme, you have to perform 8 reps of an exercise for 8 sets. You can use this technique with heavy weights and short pause between the sets. This workout routine has fantastic results for many bodybuilders from all types of backgrounds.

Let’s know about chest workout based on 8*8 technique

Barbell Bench Press

To practice bench press, unrack the bar and slowly lower it towards the chest and until it almost touches it. After this, explosively lift the bar back up until your elbows lock out. For better result practice 8 reps then rest for 30 seconds. And complete sets of the same exercise. (Also read: What are the strength training tips for women)

Dumbbell Flyes

To practice dumbbell flyes, lie down on a flat bench and hold the dumbbells at shoulder width. Slightly bend your elbows, then slowly lower your arms out to the side in a wide arc. Feel a good stretch in the chest muscles. After this raise the weight back to the start position and repeat.

Incline dumbbell press

To practice incline dumbbell press, lie back on an incline bench while setting it at 30-degree angle and grab a pair of dumbbells. After this lift the weight above you at shoulder width and palms facing out. Following lower down the weight for 3 seconds and then push them back up.

Smith machine decline press

To practice this exercise, place a decline bench under the smith machine. Lie down on the back and grab a bar slightly wider than shoulder width. After this unlock the bar and slowly lower it down until it touches your chest. Wait for a second and push it off to start position complete 8 sets of 8 reps each.

Incline cable flyes

To practice this exercise, set an incline bench between two pulleys. After this grab handle with each hand. Following this extend your arms and then bring your hands together. (Also read: What Are The Healthy Drinks That Help You To Burn Fat During Workout)

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