Abs workout: Thirty minute dumbbell workout to build abs and obliques

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Abs-workout with the help of dumbbell

Abs-workout: Dumbbell workout to for abs

Abs workout is popular among all fitness enthusiasts as it makes the appearance of the body more attractive. They work hard to strengthen core muscles in order to get shredded six-pack abs. It is quite tough to get shredded six packs. You need proper exercise coupled with proper nutritious diet to get the abs. Although there are a number of abs workout available to get six pack abs. However, the variation in workout target muscles effectively. There is 30-minutes dumbbell workout which helps you to get six pack abs. This workout not only helps in getting six pack abs but help to develop oblique muscles. (Also read: How to perform abs exercises in the perfect way)

Abs workout: Dumbbell workout to build abs and obliques

  • Russian twist
  • Single-arm overhead press
  • Dumbbell crunch
  • T Pushup
  1. Russian twist

    This exercise effectively targets the obliques. To practice this exercise, sit on the floor and lean slightly back with knees bent and heels on the ground. Hold a dumbbell in front of you, with both hand on a bell and your arms straight in front of you. Without compressing or extending back rotate your chest, rotate your chest and move arms to the left. After this slightly touch the dumbbell to the ground and return back to start position. Now repeat this process on the right side. For better results practice 10 reps both side.
  2. T-Pushup

    This pushup is very beneficial to strengthen and stretches the obliques. To practice this exercise, while keeping hands on dumbbell come in pushup position. Now lower yourself and while pushing back up lift your right arm straight. Your body should like a T. Now come on the start position and repeat with another side. (Also read: How Many Pushups One Should Do In A Day)
  3. Dumbbell crunch

    This exercise enhances the difficulty of a traditional crunch. To practice this exercise, hold the dumbbell with both hands in front of a chest and lie on your back. Now lift your shoulder while keeping lower back on the ground. After the flex your abs and return to starting position. (Also read: What are crunch free exercise to get ripped abs)
  4. Single-arm overhead press

    This shoulder exercise engages the abs to stabilize the weight at the top of the lift. To practice this exercise, holding a dumbbell in right-hand in front of your shoulder stand shoulder-width apart. After this lift the dumbbell straight up while keeping your core tight. For better results practice 10 reps with each hand.

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Abs workout is very important to get six-pack abs. Moreover, you can reap benefits only if you practice workout in the proper way. You can also read this article in Hindi.


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