How 21-15-9 trick will help to gain the upper body muscles

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21159 trick to make upper body muscular

It is very important for the muscular body to have your upper body muscle shape. The upper body includes your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back. Some exercises are such that you work together on all your muscles and make them strong as well as muscular. But it quite easy to gain muscles by a trick. The trick is known as 21,15,9. This trick puts a lot of pressure on your muscles and escalates the growth muscles. These exercises are so effective that your body burns calories for a long time even after the workout.

Let us know more about 21,15,9 trick to make the upper body muscles stronger.

Handstand push-up

Handstand push-ups affect all the muscles of the upper part of your body and help to develop them. This exercise will strengthen your shoulders, chest, biceps and waist muscles. At the same time, your physical balance level will also improve. To practice this stand by your hands on the ground. Spread your palms across the shoulders and now bring the head to the ground. For better results practice 3 sets. In order to adopt a trick of 21,15,9, in first set practice 21 reps, 15 reps in the second set and 9 in the third set.

Ring Dips

Ring dips are very effective exercises to improve the balance of the body. Most of your shoulders and core muscles are strengthened in this exercise. But biceps, chest, triceps, waist are also affected to a great extent while practising ring dips. For this, first, make the body balance with the help of your hands on the rings. To strike the balance, you can stretch your legs toward the front. Then keep the forearms stable and bring the body downwards. Practice 3 sets, in which the first, second and third sets have should 21,15,9 reps.


Practice push-ups at the end. Push-ups make you strong by putting equal effects on all the muscles of the upper body. Because of which the muscles develop and also the body becomes muscular. For this, put your body weight on your palms and feet. The width of arms to the shoulders and bring the chest to the ground. Set 3 of this exercise. In which the first set has 21 reps, 15 in the other and 9 in the third to reps.

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