10 minutes of workouts to maintain energy level all day long

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10 minutes of workouts to maintain energy level all day long

You must have enough energy inside your body to perform better physically and mentally. With just 10 minutes of workouts you can keep your energy all day long, so you do not feel tired. It enhances metabolism with increasing workout energy. Besides this, the body burns calories in an efficient manner after the workout. To achieve all these benefits you only have to practice 10 minutes of the day, which is not a difficult task. (Also read: Battle ropes workout to lose fat and build muscles)

What is this 10-minute workout?

The exercise should be performed by making a set with a rest of 10 seconds in between the sets of 50 seconds of exercises. Repeat this circuit again after the finished sets of all the exercises. Do not forget to stretch the muscles after the workouts, so that the muscles recover quickly. This workout changes the metabolism rate of the body. You can also use dumbbells or resistance bands in these exercises.

Jumping Jack:

Do jumping jack exercises at the beginning of this workout. This exercise prepares you to burn fat by increasing the temperature of your core muscles. To do this, keep hands on both sides of the feet and keep the legs around. Now jump and widen the legs more than the shoulders and join your hands together on the top of the head, then jump again with the speed and return to the starting position. (Also read: Five bodybuilding tips one should follow after the age of 30)

Resistance Band Front And Side Raise:

To do this exercise, hold the resistance band under your feet and hold both the handles. Keep the legs open to the waist and now lift the handle on both sides of the body and bring it to the shoulders. Then bring the hands to the shoulders in front of the chest, and then bring the hands down. Repeat this process as quickly as possible.

Lunge -squat-lunge

To do this exercise, open the legs as much as the waist and then jumping into the position of a lunge. In which you should be the backbone of the front knee and forward leg. Now jump back to the position of the squat, then stand straight after it. After standing right, lounge on the other leg knee. Repeat this process for 50 seconds.

Dumbell Triceps Extension:

To do this exercise, you should open your legs as much as the waist. Now lift a dumbbell with the help of both hands and straighten it over the head. Now keep the elbows stable and bring the dumble downwards. After this, the hands are in the starting position.

Burpee Plank:

This exercise enhances the body’s strength and increases the stamina. To do this, open the legs as much as the waist and then fold the knees and place the palms on the ground. Get in the push-ups position with speed and stand up again with a push-up. Repeat this exercise for 50 seconds. (Also read: How to make bigger and stronger muscles with the help of small workouts)

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