why you need a partner to workout

Why you need a partner to workout

It is quite difficult for many people to exercise regularly as they lack the motivation. If you also lack motivation for exercise, then you can exercise with your partner who can motivate you for exercise as well as to stay fit.

mountain climber exercises to target your all core muscles

Mountain climber exercises to target your all core muscles

When you practice mountain climbers it engages your upper arms muscles, as well as your core and your legs. If you practice mountains climber in proper ways then you reap the result at the earliest. With adding variations in the mountains climbers it will help you to target all the core muscles.

Right Way to Exercise Wall Sit and Its Benefits

Wall sit exercise is an easy exercise, which you can do at home. It has advantages to it, like strengthening your lower body. It is very important to practice it in the right way to get the best results.

which exercises can be practiced at home to strengthen lower body

Which exercises can be practiced at home to strengthen lower body

People spend a lot of time in the gym to strengthen the lower body. The truth is that you do not need to go to the gym to strengthen the lower body, rather you can exercise at home to strengthen your lower body. There are many exercises that give you the results of a gym workout.

amazing exercise to fix bad body posture

What are the amazing exercise to fix bad body posture

Slouching is a result of certain muscles tightening up and weakness in muscles. There are many factors that have an impact on your posture including occupational actives and biomechanical factors such as force and repetition. Moreover, poor posture also caused by psychosocial factors such as job stress and strain.

How stress harms your workout and fitness routine

How stress harms your workout and fitness routine

Stress affects your body in the worst possible manner. It not only affects your mental health but also has an impact on your fitness routine. It takes away the concentration that you need for your fitness regime.

the best core exercises you are not doing

The Best Core exercises that you are not doing

The core muscles play a significant role in athletic and functional movements that we encounter daily. The strong core muscles help to reveal six packs abs. The six-pack abs add to the personality.

exercise strengthen glute muscles without weight

Exercise to strengthen glute muscles without weights

Glute muscles need to be strong for the smooth operation of the proper physical postures. There are some exercises to strengthen the muscles, which are done without the help of weights and have a direct impact on the muscles.