Doctor’s tips for weight: What doctors recommend for weight loss

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Doctors advise for weight loss

Doctor's tips for Weight: If you are thinking of losing weight then consult a doctor.

Everyone wants a weight under control because of the extra weight leads to many health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. People make many attempts to lose weight, such as exercises, dieting, diet plans and yoga. Despite doing all these things, many people fail to lose weight. Due to excessive fat, the risk of problems like joint pain, stomach problems, high blood pressure, liver disease and high cholesterol also increases. In this regard, you can consult a doctor or a dietitian because they tell you to lose weight properly or tell about those things which cause weight increase. Apart from this, the doctor’s advice will also help you to keep healthy. (Also read:  Weight loss diet: Which rules you should follow while losing weight with Indian diet)

Doctor’s tips for weight: What doctor advise for weight Loss.

  • Pay attention to medication
  • Increase weight with a healthy diet
  • Consume food on time
  • Alcohol consumption is harmful
  • Check hormonal disease
  1. Pay attention to medication
    There are many people who consume many types of medicines during weight loss, such as depression, diabetes or contraceptives. There are some medicines that increase weight, whether you exercise yourself or eat a healthy diet. So you must definitely contact the doctor.
  2. Increase weight with a healthy diet
    Increase weight with healthy diet
    Doctor’s tips for Weight: Healthy diets also increase weight

    Many of us feel that healthy foods like fruits, vegetables or brown rice help in losing weight. But this is not the truth. There are many foods that contain high amounts of calories, which increase the weight. So, consult a doctor, tell them what to eat while losing weight. (Also read: Healthy diet: Signs that your healthy diet is actually dangerous for you)

  3. Consume food on time
    While weight loss, people take care of things like eating a healthy diet, avoid junk foods, or eating fewer calories, but they all have time to eat. The doctor says that by eating on time your metabolic rate is boosted and the weight is easily reduced.
  4. Alcohol consumption is harmful

    Alcohol is harmful for health.
    Doctor’s tips for Weight: Stop alcohol consumption to lose weight.

    Alcohol is one of the main causes of weight gain. The doctor advises you to stop alcohol consumption because it increases weight and is harmful to health, Moreover, it also slows down your metabolism. (Also read: Effects of alcohol: How does alcohol impact your brain)

  5. Check hormonal disease
    Thyroid, stress or diabetes are hormonal diseases, and due to these, the weight starts increases. Therefore, firstly, doctors recommend controlling these diseases, so that you can lose weight in a healthy way.

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To lose weight, you should first consult a doctor because they will tell you the appropriate way to lose weight in a healthy way. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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