Common workout injuries and how to avoid them

common workout injuries and how to avoid them

Exercising is very important to stay healthy and fit. The people practice many exercises to attain desired fitness results. However, in the absence of knowledge, people sustain injuries. The injuries create hurdles for people and deprived them of desired fitness results. The most common injuries, which people sustain during a workout are an ankle sprain, knee injuries, wrist sprains, shoulder joint injury and others. You can easily avoid these injuries and achieve attractive physique without any problems. (Also read: Why you need a partner to workout)

Let’s know what are the common injuries and how to avoid them:

Ankle Sprain

Many people suffer ankle sprain due twisting to the ankle while practice exercise. When people lose focus while running on a treadmill, it may cause twisting of the ankle, which leads to injuries.

How to avoid:

Many treadmills have clips to attach clothes that stops the treadmills if you fall. You can use these treadmills to avoid injuries.  (Also read: Mountain climber exercises to target your all core muscles)

Shin Splints

This injury occurs due to jumping and it happens when you suddenly increase the intensity of the workout. This injury is also termed as tibial stress syndrome. This injury is very painful and leads severe inflammation occurs muscles around the shin.

How to avoid injury.

Always good shoes to avoid injury. Wearing proper shoes gradually increase your workout intensity.

Low-backs strains
common workout injuries and how to avoid them
A sharp pain in the lower back during a workout may be the sign of that you have overdone it. The improper execution of squats or deadlift causes this pain.

How to avoid this injury

The best way to avoid this exercise is to learn how to practice exercise in a proper way. First, learn how to maintain a neutral back while practising deadlift and squats.

Wrist Sprains

The wrist sprains occur due to lifting heavy weight than body’s strength or practising it improper way.

How to avoid this injury

Always wear strapping while lifting weights and use the proper grip. And avoid wrists flopping backwards while doing heavyweights.

Knee Injuries
common workout injuries and how to avoid them
The knee injury can immobilize a person as it very important joint. This injury occurs due to improper execution of squats and other leg exercises.

How to avoid knee injury.

Warm up before exercise. Try not to put too much pressure on the knees, and never carry weights that are too heavy for you. (Also read: Which exercises can be practiced at home to strengthen lower body)

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