Belly fats: Why belly fats is so hard to lose in adults

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reasons why adults don't lose belly fats

Belly fats: Know the reasons why adults don't lose belly fats easily

It is quite tough to lose belly fats, especially in adults. The belly fats not only make your appearance unhealthy but also triggers many health-related problems. The general problems caused by belly fats are cardiovascular disease, obesity and many other. Despite no one wants fats around the belly but they accumulated around belly due to many reasons. The main reasons for the accumulation of fats around belly are consumption of unhealthy foods, no physical activity and not practising your exercise. In this regard, if adults are aware of the reasons for not losing belly fats then they can take precautionary measures and stay fit. (Also read: Belly fats: What are the risk of excessive belly fat)

Belly fats: Why it is quite tough for adults to lose belly fats.

  • Doing the wrong workout
  • Not working out hard enough
  • Consuming excessive alcohol
  • Consuming a lot of processed foods
  • Not getting enough sleep
  1. Doing the wrong workout
    Adults need to practice perfect workout to lose belly fats. For instance, the waist size will not reduce if you practice only cardio workout. For better results combine weight and strength as it will develop muscle mass and burn more fats.
  2. Not working out hard enough

    Practice proper workout to lose belly fats
    Belly fats: Improper workout cause belly fats.

    You need to ramp up your workout to lose belly fats. The people, who add more high-intensity exercise burn more belly fats as compared to other. (Also read: Losing Belly fats: Which habits never let you lose belly fat)

  3. Consuming excessive alcohol
    Consumption of alcohol cause accumulation of fats around the belly. 354 ml of regular beer contain 153 calories. Therefore, if you want to lose belly fat then reduce consumption of alcohol.
  4. Consuming a lot of processed foods
    Consumption of processed foods cause inflammation in the body and contain a lot of saturated fat. The belly fat is associated with inflammation. Therefore, consumption of processed foods may stop your ability to lose belly fat.
  5. Not getting enough sleep
    Skipping sleep is also one of the main reasons for not losing belly fats. Inadequate sleep cause gains weight. To avoid accumulation of belly fats sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily.

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Adults face problems to lose belly fats. There are certain due to which they do not lose belly fats. Adults must be aware of these reasons. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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