Worst food for skin: Which food items one must avoid for a healthy skin

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Which food items damage the skin of a person

Harmful foods for skin: One must take a healthy diet to have a healthy skin.

Worst food for skin: Whatever we diet directly impacts our body. Not just this, our diet also impacts our skin too. If you take a healthy diet then your skin also remains healthy. However, if you take an unhealthy diet, your skin gets harmed. This causes pimples, wrinkles, pigmentation and other signs of aging. Thus it is necessary to have a good and healthy diet. Let’s discuss which food products one must avoid having a glowing and healthy diet. (Also read: Skin care tips in 30s: How to take care of the skin in your 30s)

Worst food for skin: Food items which harm the skin

  • Sugar-rich food items
  • Salt
  • Caffeine
  • Processed food and junk food

Sugar-rich food items

Which foods are worst for the skin
Worst food for skin: Don’t eat sugar in an excess amount to have healthy skin.

Food items which are rich in sugar like sugary drinks, candies, cake etc. cause inflammation in the skin. It even causes pimples. Because of sugar, your skin gets red patches too. Thus, reduce the intake of sugar.


WHich are the most harmful food items for the skin
Worst foods for skin: Eating salt in excess causes skin damage.

Consuming excess of salt leads to water retention in the body and causes puffiness beneath the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very soft, thus the eyes get swollen. Thus, one must take salt in moderation.

The food items rich in caffeine like coffee, soda drinks, tea etc. dehydrate the skin. Besides this, the elasticity of the skin also gets affected. This causes wrinkles and makes the skin loose.

Processed food and junk food
Highly processed junk food and fast food like burger, chips, soda, french fries etc. increase the level of blood sugar. This brings changes in our hormones. Thus, the skin produces excess oil and the pores of the skin get closed. It eventually makes the signs of aging more visible.

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These are some of the worst food products for the skin. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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