Why you should add drumstick to your beauty regime

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Beauty benefits of using drumstick in your beauty routine

Beauty benefits of using drumstick in your beauty routine

Drumstick is used to make many dishes in Indian homes. It contains many nutrients that help keep the body healthy. In addition to keeping the body healthy, drumstick also has many beauty benefits which help in removing skin related problems. Using the drumstick on the skin, it can enhance its beauty. Nowadays, many beauty products use Drumstick. If you do not want to use the cosmetic product of the market, you can use the drumstick in the house for it. It adds shine to your beauty. So let us tell you how drumstick is beneficial to make your skin healthy. (Also read: Drumsticks can help you tackle medical complications)

Beauty benefits of using drumstick in your beauty routine

  • Improves the skin colour
  • To reduce acne
  • Reduction of large pores
  • In reducing symptoms of ageing

Improves the skin colour
Drumstick improves skin colour by treating pigmentation and scarring. Grind the leaves of drumstick and make a paste. Put this paste on the threads. Place this paste 2-3 times a week.

To reduce acne
Drumstick is beneficial in removing acne. To use it, add the drumstick oil to the affected area. Or make a paste of its leaves and apply it on the acne. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory gum which help in removing acne.

Reduction of large pores
Drumstick enhances the production of collagen on the skin, which increases the skin and becomes tight, which helps in shrinking large thrombocytes.

In reducing symptoms of ageing:

Drumstick helps to reduce symptoms of ageing. By using it on the daily skin, the skin can be saved from free radicals. It helps reduce wrinkles so that the skin does not hang and remains tight. For this, you can use drumstick oil or leaves.

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