Why should you wash your hair with mayonnaise

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Why should you wash your hair with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise hair treatment is surprising the world with its amazing effect on the hair. Usually, mayonnaise is a very popular sauce to make the food tastier. However, recently people have started to use this delicious sauce to get rid of the frizzy and dull hair. Mayonnaise is made of egg yolk, natural oils and various other nutrients. All these things combine make mayonnaise an excellent choice for hair treatment. (Also read: 5 reasons that are causing dark circles under your eyes)

How to use mayonnaise for the hair treatment?

For better and healthier hair all you need to do is apply mayonnaise right at the scalp. Massage your scalp using it, moving from the roots to the end tips. Once you have thoroughly applied the mayonnaise, let it stay for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash it with shampoo.

Benefits of the Mayonnaise hair treatment

Hair Growth
Mayonnaise contains egg yolk, L-cysteine and amino acid. The combination of the three helps to provide your hair with the needed structure. which leads to better hair growth and stronger hair. (Also read: How is coffee useful for hair)

Removes the lice from your hair
Adults too suffer from lice infestation. Mayonnaise has oil in it, which helps to kill the lice, as it suffocates the lice population. However, for this do not buy low-fat mayonnaise as it doesn’t have enough oil.

Smoothens the frizzy hair
Regular use of mayonnaise hair treatment can help you to get rid of the frizzy hair. It helps your hair to look shiny and soft. It is a natural way to make your hair appear straight and smooth.

Makes your hair colour last longer
Fading hair colour is a beauty problem for many. Mayonnaise hair treatment helps to protect the cuticles. Cuticles are the protective shield of the hair, if they are damaged then hair colour will bleed early. Mayonnaise helps to keep your cuticles healthy and smooth. Which is why it helps in making your hair colour last longer.

Repairs the split ends
Split ends are the biggest problem when it comes to hair growth. It makes your hair appear rough and dry. Mayonnaise treatment can help to repair the damaged ends. Regular application of the mayonnaise can help to resolve the split end troubles. (Also read: 4 common mistakes that are making your hair greasy)

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