Why protein is necessary for the growth and development of hair

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why protein is necessary for hair growth and development

Everyone desires for long, black and dense hair but for this, your hair needs proper care and nourishment. To keep hair healthy, it is necessary to wash, condition, cut and eat the right diet on time. There are many reasons for hair fall and weakness. The lack of protein is one of those reasons. Protein is an essential nutrient that you can get through many foods. Due to its deficiency, your whole body is affected along with your hair. Every cell of the body requires protein. Therefore, protein is equally important for hair cells too. (Also read: How to make natural conditioner for your hair)

Let’s know why protein is necessary for the development of hair:

Hair ends are made of protein
The hair end is made of protein. Therefore, protein is required for the development and growth of hair. If you do not consume the sufficient amount of protein, then your body does not provide an adequate amount of protein to hair follicles which cause weakness and hair fall.

Hair cells need protein to be repaired
Our body requires protein to repair the cells. Similarly, protein is essential for repairing hair cells, new cells and hair tissue. So eat plenty of protein to avoid hair problems. (Also read: What are the natural ways for soothing skin)

The problem of Baldness due to lack of protein
If you do not consume the adequate amount of protein, there may be problems of baldness along with hair fall. Proteins also contain amino acids and polypeptides that together make keratin. Therefore, protein helps in the growth of hair and due to its deficiency your hair may fall and cause the problem of baldness.

Foods which contains sufficient amount of protein:

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