Why It Is Extremely Bad To Sleep With The Wet Hair

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Why It Is Extremely Bad To Sleep With The Wet Hair

Many of us sleep with wet hair during noon time. If you go to bed and sleep, without drying your hair, it can cause a lot of problems. You think that your hair dries while you fall asleep but it is actually harming your hair more than you can even think of. From your scalp to the head, it may affect your body badly. It thus, becomes a breeding ground for various bacterial and fungal infections. Thus, before you go to sleep with wet hair, keep these points in mind. Hence, let us have a look at the consequences happens by sleeping with the wet hair.(Also Read: What Are The Best Food Sources Of Vitamin B Which Promote Hair Growth)

Severe hair breakage:
You know that wet hair are very fragile. So, when you sleep with your hair, the chance of breaking increases. When your hair gets rubbed with the pillow, it damages and tends to look dull. Thus, hair loss becomes easy and quick. Not only this, The involuntary movements of your head pull your hair off each and every time. So, it’s better to be conscious.

Forms dandruff:
It becomes very easy to form dandruff in your wet hair and scalp while you are asleep. It causes eczema, psoriasis, or a fungus to the root of the scalp. Not only this, you may know that fungus formulates when it is warm, dark, and moist. Moreover, when your scalp skin is wet and slowly air-dry can worsen the situation and eventually forms dandruff to your scalp. (Also Read: How Mint Or Pudina Can Make Your Skin And Hair Problem free)

Formation of Ringworms:
Scalp ringworms are a highly contagious fungal infection due to which your scalp becomes infectious and itchy. Ringworm is an issue which grows one part of your scalp to your body too. Your family pets can also have this issues in their body. When you lie on a pillow with wet hair, the pillow becomes warm and damp. All together this warm and damp head can form fungal growth which eventually forms ringworms.

Bacteria and Mold:
It is nothing new to tell you that our scalp and head is the place where bacteria and fungus can easily stay safe. Although, if you wash your hair regularly then the chances get reduced. When you have a flaky scalp, it becomes the friendly place of the bacteria and mould growth. This eventually leads to hair loss. Moreover, when you have wet hair and you sleep, it can cause micro-organisms to your pillow. This also leads to bacteria and germs. (Also Read: What Are The Myths Related To Hair Which You Should Stop Believing)

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