Why Do We Get Pimples On The Same Spot Every Time

Why Do We Get Pimples On The Same Place Everytime

The reappearance of pimples and acne exactly at the same spot every time can provide you vital clues about the imbalances in your body. Ayurveda says that all ailments are the results of some kind of imbalance. This imbalance can be dietary, habitual or mental. When it comes to acne and pimple, this imbalance can be your skin, body or both.  (Also Read: Quick Guide To Get An Acne Free Skin)

Hence, here are some clues we are sharing which would tell you why you get pimples again on the same location you got last time.

Might be the appearance of Cysts:
Underground pimples which gradually swell up and come out with a head are known as cystic acne. They are so stubborn that they will come up again and again on the exact spot. When your pores are popping up because of excessive oil, these notorious pimples come out. When the oil forms a “balloon-like” shape beneath the last layer of skin, the pumps of the balloon shape depends on the production of oil. That is why it comes out with a white head and irritates us like anything. Also, that is why they tend to come from the same pores they have targeted before.

Squeezing the white head:
Do you have a tendency to squeeze the pimples, especially white headed ones till they burst? Let me tell you, it backfires you everytime you do it. These pimples would become inflamed again if you intentionally burst them. The irritation again causes a pimple on the same place because of the inflammation. (Also Read: How to get rid of pimples from face)

Nasty habits may be a clue:
Few of your habits which usually make your face dirty or unhygienic can cause these pimples. After having any kinds of dry spicy food, you generally clean your hand with tissue papers and forget that it has not been cleaned with water and soap. After that, you put the same hand unknowingly on your face while wiping the sweat or keeping your jaw resting on your palms. Touching your face repeatedly with the unhygienic hands can push dirt and oil into the pores. Eventually, you get those pimples in the same place every time.

If your breakouts and pimples have the relation of BFFs, then it is not your fault. Many women get breakouts on their face when they are in periods. This is because the oil glands in the facial parts of the face are most sensitive. That is why hormones which come out during periods affect them faster.  (Also Read: Effective home remedies to get rid of stubborn acne)

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