Which type of skin cleansers you can use

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which type of skin cleansers you can use

A cleanser plays an important role to maintain the good health of the skin. They are very beneficial to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin. Moreover, it also helps to unclog the skin pores and prevent skin problems such as acne, dullness and dryness. To avail the best result from cleanser, you must be aware of the type of cleanser which suits your skin. You should clean your face two times a day, once in the morning, to give your skin a fresh start and once at night to remove all the dirt and makeup. (Also read: How to use cucumber for various beauty treatments)

Let’s know about the different type of cleansers:

Foaming cleansers
The foaming cleansers are high in surfactants and low in emollients. The surfactants act as a foaming agent while emollients act as a moisturizer. The foaming cleansers help in removing all kind of dirt as well as waterproof makeup. This type of cleanser is suitable for all type of skin but is best for oily skin.

Oil cleansers
This cleanser is rich in oil and effectively moisturizes the face. It is beneficial for people who use waterproof mascaras. It nourishes the skin. This type of cleansers is best for people with dry skin. (Also read: Which Home Remedies You Should Use To Avoid Beauty Blunders)

Cleansing milk
This type of cleanser is high in emollients and low in surfactants. The cleansing milk cleanser is very gentle on the skin and does not produce excessive foam. They are helpful to get rid of dirt effectively but are not beneficial to remove waterproof make up. They are best for the people with dry skin.

Cleansing balms
These cleansers are low in surfactants. They effectively moisturize the skin. The cleansing balms are excellent for removing the toughest types of makeup.

Cleansing wipes
Cloth sheets infused with cleansing lotions are called as cleansing wipes. These type of cleanser are not good to remove makeup. Moreover, the friction caused by rubbing the wipe on your face is also not good for the skin. It is best to resort to these only in times of an emergency. (Also read: How moong dal is beneficial for skin and hair)

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