Which one is the right hair removal method waxing or shaving

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Waxing v/s Shaving: Which one is right hair removal method for you

Everyone wants to have the perfect, hair-free and smooth skin. Especially when you are planning to wear a dashing evening wear or something like that. Most of us feel really confused when it comes to picking the right method of hair removal. The most common choices are waxing or shaving. Everyone has their own preferred method of hair removal. However, it is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each method to make a better decision. So, let’s find out what should you choose waxing or shaving? (Also read: What should men do to look more attractive)

Waxing is a very popular method of hair removal. It simply removes the hair from the roots using strips or wax.

Advantages of waxing
As waxing works on your roots, it helps you to stay hair free for long.
In most cases, it keeps your skin soft. There is no threat of cuts due to the razor. However, you must be careful when you picking the wax or the wax strip and choose according to your skin type. (Also read: What are the combing mistakes that you are making every day)

Disadvantages of waxing
The most obvious con of waxing is, it is painful. Some people have soft and sensitive skin which can’t stand the entire process. Another major problem is of ingrown hair. Sometimes when you wax, the hair is not removed completely and as a result, when the growth starts again, the skin around that area gets itchy and there is a burning sensation.
It is also very time-consuming. Sometimes the wax is too hot, which can harm the skin.

Shaving can be done in two ways. You can opt for a traditional shaving method or an electronic labour. Shaving simply helps you to remove the hair from the skin.

Advantages of shaving
The biggest advantage of shaving is that it is quick and pain-free. Especially when you have to get ready quick and there is no time to visit a salon. Nowadays there are many options to make the shaving process easy and better.

Disadvantages of shaving
It is just a temporary solution as regrowth appears quick. There is a risk of cut and bruises. It might lead to undergrowth of hair. Simply speaking undergrowth means the hair strands grow under your skin, causing dark marks on the outside. (Also read: How to get rid of dry lips with simple home remedies)

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