Which mistakes you could be making with your eye cream

which mistakes you could be making with your eye cream

Eyes are the most expressive feature of the personality. The eyes can reveal all about an individual. Due to such importance of eyes, every person puts effort to maintain the health of eyes and to keep them beautiful. In order to enhance the beauty of the eyes, people, especially women use eye cream. The eye cream is considered as one of the best beauty product to get rid of wrinkles and dark circles around eyes. Despite the eye cream is an effective product but it delivers result only when it is applied in properly. Unintentionally, people make some mistakes while applying eye cream due to which they can not yield the best results from the eye cream. It is important to recognize these mistakes, so you could avoid them and reap best results from the eye cream. (Also read: How to use Neem oil to get rid of the problem of dandruff)

Let’s know about mistakes which people make while applying eye cream:

Using an excessive eye cream
Applying a large quantity of eye cream may not be beneficial. The area around the eyes is quite small, a pea-size amount of cream is enough to cover the skin under both eyes.

Applying it out of order
The order of applying all skin care products matter a lot. Keep in mind that if your eye cream is richer and heavier than the moisturizer so apply it after moisturizer. If your eye cream is lighter than serum then apply it before moisturizer. For better results apply the eye cream accordingly the instructions. (Also read: How the consumption of sugar increases your weight)

Getting overzealous with rubbing
Never handle the skin around the eyes roughly because this skin is quite delicate. Always apply eye cream gently. Just use the pad of your fingers to apply eye cream.

Moving too fast
Never apply makeup or foundation immediately after eye cream. Give your eye cream a little rest as it needs time for absorption.

Applying cream too close to your eyes
Avoid applying eye cream near the lids or near the lashes. The best way to apply eye cream along the orbital bone, right under your eyebrow, and under your eyes in a semi-circle shape. (Also read: What is the right way to clean feet)

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