Which mistakes you should not do while making the shape of eyebrows

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which mistakes that you should not do while making the shape of eyebrows

It is very important to have a perfect shape of eyebrows because it makes you look attractive. The perfect shape of the eyebrow enhances the beauty of eyes. But every woman does not know how to make eyebrows in right shape. Those women are not aware of eyebrows’ shape, spoil their look. To bring eyebrow into proper shape, you should first know about the correct eyebrow pencil. It enhances the beauty of both your eyes and eyebrows. Therefore, while making the shape of the eyebrow, some mistakes must be avoided. (Also read: Effective ways to avoid the summer skin problems)

Let’s know about those mistakes that should be avoided while making the shape of eyebrows:

Using the wrong product
You should use the product according to the shape of your eyebrow. The eyebrow pencil fills your eyebrows completely and gives a dark look. But not everyone women know about it and because of that, they spoil their eyebrows and shape.

Not using a true shade eyebrow product
Always use a light coloured eyebrow as compared to the colour of your hair. Using a dark colour shade spoils the look of your makeup. (Also read: Amazing tips to deal with small flyaway hair)

Applying more highlighter
Some women use more highlighter in their eyebrows while making a shape, due to which their eyes look bad. Therefore, after applying highlighter, brush it properly.

Applying more product on the brush
By applying more product on the brush, your eyebrow gets more highlighted. So, instead of paying attention to the product, pay attention to strokes. This will avoid excessive product on the eyebrow.

Different shapes
Many women ruin their eyebrows by giving them different shapes. Therefore, try to use eyebrow pencil in the same direction of the eyebrow. (Also read:  How to make the fragrance of the perfume last longer)

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