How can you prevent hair thinning

which measures prevents hair thinning

Dense, dark and beautiful hair is the choice of everyone. But hair loss and thinning have become a common problem for people nowadays. Dust, sunlight, pollution, harmful rays of the sun or any illness in your body can cause hair loss. Apart from this, growing age is also a cause of hair loss. If your hair is constantly falling after all the measures, then it is important that you take care of your hair properly. If your hair is constantly falling and becoming thinner then by taking special care of certain things you can prevent your hair from falling and thinning. (Also read: How To Use Glycerin For Healthy And Beautiful Hair)

Let’s know about the measures which help you to prevent hair problems.

Massage the hair

Massage should be done to prevent hair from becoming thin. Massage the hair with olive oil, coconut or amla oil with a light hand. By massaging, the blood flow to the scalp increases by which the hair roots become strong and your hair does not fall.

Consume appropriate foods

The main reason for hair loss is usually the lack of zinc and iron in the body. So eat something that removes zinc and iron deficiency in your body or consumes such supplements that help you to overcome this deficiency. (Also read: What are the common mistakes that damage hair)

Hair styling products used

This is one of the main reasons behind hair becoming thin. If you use dryers, iron etc. to dry hair then your hair gets damaged and they become thin. After using colour, smoothing, etc., the use of hair styling product makes the hair even thinner. So avoid doing so.

Do not tie hair too tightly

Apart from hair styling products, sometimes your hairstyles also damage the hair and may be the reason behind their thinking. If you make tight high-pony and keep hair tied tightly, then the hair gradually becomes weak and it starts to fall. Therefore, never tie hair very tightly.

Consult the doctor

Sometimes the reason behind hair becoming thin is also a disease. Typically, there may be several reasons for thyroid, scalp infection, skin disorder etc. If all the measures are being failed, then you should consult a doctor. (Also read: What are the Benefits of using Basil leaves for skin and hair)

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