Which hair mistakes can make you to look older

which hairs mistake can make you to look older

Long and thick hair is desired by every person. People adopt many methods and technique to get such hair. They also use chemical based products so their hair looks attractive and catch eyeballs of others. Unintentionally, people make some mistakes while taking care of hair which make them look older. To avoid these mistakes you should be aware of these mistakes. (Also read: How to eliminate dandruff problem with onion juice)

Let’s know the hair mistake which makes you look older.

Overload of hair styling products

Many people apply hair gel, fixing sprays, volumizing mousses and shine sprays to make hair more attractive. The overloading of products makes hair to the glued up mountain of hair on your head. In order to avoid unnatural overload of products applies a light mousse on the roots of the hair.

Split ends

Your hair looks dull and you look older if you have split hair and frizzy hair. In order to avoid this problem, trim your hair regularly at least every 2 months. Moreover, do regular nourishing of your hair and put hydrating hair masks. (Also read: What are the side effects of dyeing your hair)

Going too blonde

Excessive hair bleaching makes you look older. Instead of doing overall blond, ask your hair stylist to make you 2-3 different types of highlights. It will add dimension to hair. Moreover, blonde highlights are a lot less damaging to your hair.

Going too dark

You will look older if dying your hair super dark because it can accentuate fine lines under eyes and emphasize shadow on your face. In order to avoid this problem, ask your hairstylist, use slight dark colour than your usual hair. This will look more natural and add more dimension to your hairstyle.

Cutting your hair too short or letting it grow too long

If you have too short or too long hair it will add age. For instance, If you like short hairstyles, avoid tomboy haircuts, if you are over 40 and if you want to look younger. (Also read: How can you prevent hair thinning)

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