Which grooming facts every man must know

which grooming fact every man should know

Everyone desires to have a flawless skin. They use various products to smooth skin and to get shiny hair. Surprisingly, the skin-care products available in the markets are chemical based and do not provide benefits for longer terms. It is better to use natural products and take precautionary measures to get flawless skin and smooth hair. In the case of man, they don’t give any heed to the skin care as well as hair. But it is important for them as well to take care of their skin, hair and body. The flawless skin and smooth hair add charms to the personality. There are certain grooming facts that every man should be aware of. These facts help men to get flawless skin, hair and also enhance their personality. (Also read: What are the benefits of malai or milk cream for the skin)

Let’s know about the fact that every man should know:

Shaving after a shower improves your shave
Shaving after shower improves your shave as the shower opens the skin pores. It also prevents the skin from rigours of shaving. The shaving after shower provides you smooth skin. Moreover, it also prevents skin from irritation and redness.

Tea bags soothe tired eyes
Tea bags of green, black and chamomile tea are effective to treat puffy eyes and dark circles. The tea bags have astringent properties in tea bags keep the blood vessels constricted and skin around eyes tight. For better results place boiled tea bags on closed eyes for 10-15minutes. (Also read: How To Use Masoor Daal To Have A Wonderful Skin)

Toothpaste doesn’t cure spots
The toothpaste contains ingredients which cause irritation and redness. The toothpaste does not heal blemishes. If you want to get rid of spot consult doctor.

You should use SPF all the time, even when it’s not sunny
This is the biggest skincare mistake that you ignore. The majority of men apply sunscreen when they step out in the sun. To ensure healthy skin, use sunscreen all around the year.

Washing your face with soap or shower gel is never enough
Washing your face with soap or shower gel is not enough. The soap works well on the body but dry out your face and cause irritation. It is beneficial to use face wash to get rid of many problems. (Also read: What are the surprising ways to reduce wrinkles)

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