Which food items you should try to avoid if you have acne problem

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What are the food items you should try to avoid if you have a problem of acne

Having a face full of acne is not liked by anyone. There are many reasons which are responsible for acne-prone skin. We live in a highly polluted environment. It causes a lot of disappointment to see such a face all decked up with acne. There are many factors responsible for making your skin acne prone. Unhealthy lifestyle and wrong eating habits are few of the foremost reasons for pimples on the face. Besides this, excess use of makeup and stress also leads to the tensed skin. In order to get rid of the problem of acne on face, you must avoid eating some of the food products. Let’s discuss some of the food products which you must avoid while you have acne prone skin. (Also read: How does a milk cream(malai) face pack helps to get glowing skin)

What are the food items you should try to avoid if you have acne problem?

Sugar and carb rich food: Soda, white bread, white rice and cake are some of the food items which have a huge amount of sugar and carbohydrate in them. This sugar mingles up with your skin fastly and increases the level of blood sugar. The production of insulin increases in your body and leads to hormonal imbalance. Thus, it leads to an excess of oil on the skin and causes acne.

Normal chocolate: Dark chocolates are the best thing to stay healthy. But a normal chocolate with less cocoa powder and more sugar is not at all beneficial for the body. Thus, one must eat dark chocolate that helps to get rid of the acne. (Also read: How to look beautiful naturally without using any makeup)

Milk: According to a study, consumption of cow milk leads to the problem of acne on the skin. Too much consumption of cow milk leads to the increased level of testosterone in the body.

Too much salty food item: Consumption of too much of salty food increases the inflammation in the body. It leads to acne and itching on the face. THus, try to avoid too much of salt.

Sugar smoothie: Smoothies are great for health. However, too much sweet and sugary smoothie can turn your smooth skin into breakouts. It boosts the level of blood sugar in the body which eventually makes your skin acne prone. Thus, try to consume less sugary smoothie. (Also read: What are the ways to keep your eyes hydrated and healthy)

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