Which food items and drinks lead to acne on the skin

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Which food items and drinks lead to acne on the skin

The diet we take plays a pivotal role in dictating the health of our skin. The food we eat affects our skin so much so that we might come across the problem of acne and pimples. Not just this, our diet might also turn our skin into oily or even make it dull and dry. Thus, we all should take a good care of our diet in order to protect our skin from the various skin problems. There are various factors which impact our skin like environmental factors, skin care routine, hormonal imbalance etc., but our diet often harms our skin the most. Thus, it is important to ignore certain food items and drinks that cause acne and trouble the skin health. (Also read: Why is it important to remove the makeup from the face before sleeping)

Which food items and drinks lead to acne on the skin?

Bread and pasta: Food items like bread, pasta and other refined grains often increase the level of sugar in the body. These food products often lead to the problem of skin inflammation and boost the level of insulin in the body. Thus, one should avoid consuming such products.

Cheese and milk: Dairy products like milk and cheese often raises the level of sugar in the blood. It boosts the products of sebum and eventually leads to the problem of acne on the skin. Often the skin pores get blocked up and the skin breaks out causing acne. (Also read: Best juices to remove tanning from the face and the body)

Caffeine and alcohol: Most of us either drink coffee or tea daily and more than once in a day. There are certain people who are addicted to them. It increases the level of insulin in the skin. It even increases the level of cortisol in the body which leads to stress. We cannot deny the fact that stress is the leading cause of skin problems. Besides this, consumption of alcohol leads to the problem of hormonal changes which affects the skin in the worst way possible.

Canned food: Yes, canned food is always good to go option while you are travelling or in hurry. But do you know how does it impact your skin? It often leads to breaking out of the skin and causes acne. These eatables have chemicals and saturated fat which increase the production of oil in the skin leading to the problem of acne.

Energy drinks: Energy drinks contain sugar in bulk and have no nutritious value. The aim of the energy drinks is to bless the body with temporary energy only. Thus, one should avoid drinking energy drinks as it irritates the skin and makes it prone to acne and pimples. (Also read: How to make the makeup last longer on oily skin)

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