Which common hair dryer mistakes spoil your hair

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which common hair dryer mistakes spoil your hair

Many women use a hair dryer on regular basis to style hair. This styling tool is widely used by women of different age groups. Moreover, the working girls do not have enough time in the morning to leave their hair open and dry after shampooing. To dry hair quickly, they use hair dryers. The hair dryer not only dries the hairs but also helps to manage hairs. Moreover, hair dryer can also destroy your hairs if it is not used in proper way. If you do not use the hairdryer in a proper way it may cause problems like breakage and turn the hair thin. (Also read: How to take care of your hair during swimming)

Let’s know common hair dryer mistakes which may harmful to your hair.

Hair is too wet
The usage of a hair dryer on wet hair may cause many problems. If you use the hair dryer on too wet hair, it may cause hair loss problem. The hair should be 80 percent dry before using the hairdryer.

Not using heat protection
This is a very common mistake that majority of women commit as they don’t use heat protection. If you don’t use heat protection it may be harmful to the scalp. It is very important to use a heat protection before using the hairdryer. So, apply the hair protection which suits your scalp. (Also read: What are the bedtime mistakes that can damage your hair)

Using hair dryer in the wrong direction
Using hair dryer in the wrong direction it makes hair more dry and fizzy. To make hair smooth you should use hair dryer towards the end of your hair in a downward direction.

Using the wrong temperature
The hair dryer comes with different temperatures. It is very important to use temperature setting according to your hair. The women with thin hair can use low temperature while women with thick hair can use high-temperature setting. If you don’t use setting according to your hair then it may damage the hair follicles.

Not applying a serum after using hair dryer
This is one of the common mistakes. The majority of serum does not apply hair serum. If you don’t apply hair serum then your hair look dry and messy. (Also read: What Are The Hair Removal Myths You All Should Stop Believing)

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