Which are the worst foods for hair

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which are the worst foods for hair

Healthy, strong and denser hair adds charm to the personality. People with such hair have the liberty to change their hairstyle and do more fashion experiments. Unfortunately, due to pollution, lack of nutrients, poor eating and poor lifestyle, people face many health-related problems like hair fall, split-ends and many other. The hair needs proper nutrients for growth and development. Somehow, you consume foods which impact badly on the hairs and you should stop consuming such foods. Moreover, if you have been suffering from any of hair problems then you should stop consuming immediately. (Also read: How to use honey for dry skin)

Let’s know which foods are worst for your hair:

Sweets are really bad for hairs. The consumption of food filled with sugar or made with refined flour like white bread spikes your blood sugar. The spike in blood sugar triggers a surge insulin. This leads to more release of more androgen hormone. This hormone can cause your hair follicles to shrink, which is the reason for hair fall.

Greasy food
Foods which contains high saturated fats and hydrogenated oil may clog your pores even on your scalp. This will cause hair fall. Instead, consume foods with trans fats such as baked goods. (Also read: How to use pumpkin face packs for a glowing skin)

Foods low in iron and zinc
Iron and zinc are really important for stronger hair. Inf your body doesn’t have adequate amount minerals then it may cause many hair related problems. For the strong hair, eat food which is a rich source of iron and zinc.

High-mercury fish
High mercury fish like swordfish may lead to hair fall. Instead, eat fish which is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation and promotes hair growth.

The consumption of beer, wine etc; can interfere with how your body metabolizes zinc, which is a crucial mineral for hair health. The excessive booze can also dehydrate you which can affect your hair. The alcohol consumption makes your more prone to hair problems. (Also read: What Are The Ways By Which You Can Make Your Waxing Less Painful)

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