What is a right sequence to apply skin care products

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what is a right sequence to apply skin care products

The skin is very sensitive so we need to take special care of it. A small mistake can also be extremely harmful to the skin. If you use a product for your face, then you should be aware of what elements exist in them. You should use skin care products according to your skin condition. No one should use that product which contains strong elements or causes skin problems. In this way, you need to protect your face from these harsh chemicals so your skin looks flawless and beautiful. It is also very important for you to know the sequence of applying beauty products for beautiful skin. (Also read: What Are The Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Age Spots)

Let’s know about the sequence of applying beauty products:

First of all, after waking up in the morning, clean your face with the cleanser. This clears the dirt from your face’s pores. But keep in mind that natural elements should be present in the cleanser so that there is no harm to your skin. Wash your face with cleanser and clean with a soft towel.

Facial Toner
The second product that you should use on your face is facial toner. This is a very good absorbing product that helps in making the skin soft. Moreover, it is effective in destroying the dead cells of the skin so that acne and pimples do not erupt on the skin. (ALso read: What are the worst shower mistakes that damage the skin)

Facial Serum
Facial serum for facial health is very beneficial because it keeps your skin hydrated so that all the toxins in the skin are destroyed and the stenosis of the skin decreases. If the skin remains hydrated then its moisture remains intact. The facial serum also prevents the skin from being infected.

Use moisturizer or sunscreen
what is a right sequence to apply skin care products
After using all these products, apply moisturizer or sunscreen. It provides moisture to your face and also protects against harmful rays from sunlight. Which makes your skin feel fresh and attractive.

Eye cream
Use eye cream after applying moisturizer near your eyes. This skin is different from the face skin. It can also reduce the dark circles of your eyes and improves the beauty of the eyes. It also keeps wrinkles and fine lines away. (Also read: What Are The Hair Colouring Mistakes You Need To Stop Making now)

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