What are the everyday habits that lead to the split ends


Nowadays many people complain about split ends. The split ends not only spoil the look of your hair but also prevent the growth of the hair. There are many possible causes of the split ends such unhealthy diet, pollution etc. Other than these factors there are many everyday habits that we are guilty of that can destroy the health of the hair. These habits can ruin the health of the hair. Let’s find out what are these habits so that you can avoid them and have health split end free hair.  (Also read: How to get the perfect curls at home)

Washing your hair more than needed
People wash their hair to get rid of the greasiness in the hair. However, if you overdo it, it can lead to lots of problems. It makes your hair scalp lose out the moisture and the natural oils. Which cause the problem of split ends.

Combing the wet hair
Everyone advises against combing wet hair as it is really bad for your hair. It leads to weak hair and as a result the chances of hair fall increase. It also leads to the problem of the split ends as well. So, avoid combining the wet hair. (Also read: How often should you shampoo your hair)

Hot water
Using hot water for hair wash is the worst mistake you can make in case of hair care. Hot water harms the hair shaft and it leads to split ends. So, always use lukewarm water or cold water.

Too tight ponytail
To make a tight bun or a pony is the preferred hairstyle these days. This harms the roots of the hair, it leads to negative impact on the growth of the hair. All this leads to the problem of split ends.

Reverse combing
To increase the volume of the hair people use the technique of reverse combing. It might increase the volume but it tangles the hair and make them weak. Furthermore, it damages the hair shaft leading to split ends. (Also read: How to add volume to your hair instantly)

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