What Are The Ways To Take Care Of Your Feet During Winter

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What Are Ways You Care Your Feet During Winter

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Winter is coming and you have already started feeling a dry weather which is snatching the moisture from your skin. Have you noticed your heels and the foot soles? Touch them, they have already started losing the dead cells and making your heels and thumbs cracked. Although foot care is essential in every season, winter needs a special care. You can take out at least 15 minutes in an entire day to pay the sole attention to your legs and feet. Hence, here are the suggestions which you can try at home anytime during this winter. So, let’s get started: (Also Read: How To Do Pedicure With Natural Ingredients At Home)

Take hot water bath to get soft skin:
You need to soak your feet in a bucket of warm water or you can take a hot water or steam bath for half an hour. This makes your skin appear soft and better to treat them. If you are dipping your legs in the bucket you can add some shower gel to clean the skin. It would help you to remove the rough and patchy skin.

Remove rough skin first:
You can notice that your feet look greyish because of the rough and dull skin. So, the first thing you need to do is to remove those skins from various areas of your feet. You can dip your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and then can cut out those skins and make your feet look perfect. When it comes to winter, dead skin problem is the most annoying part.

Scrubbing is important:
To scrub your skin you do not need to be a foot scrubber because you can make a better scrub at your home only. You just need some sugar and olive oil to exfoliate the skin. Sugar is the best exfoliator and olive oil will soften the skin thoroughly. Do not overdo the scrubbing. Use gentle strokes. (Also Read: Amazing Beauty Hacks Every Working Woman Should Know)

Foot Mask:
After scrubbing all your dead skins will be removed. Now you are ready to apply foot masks. You just need an overlapped banana to make a foot mask. So, just mash the banana and add some lemon juice into it. Now mix the concoction and apply it to your feet like a mask. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off clearly.

Finally moisturisation:
Before you complete your foot care, do not forget about this step. Moisturisation is very much important. It can be a petroleum jelly or olive oil, the last stage is incomplete without these ingredients. If your heels are riddled with cracks, you should follow this tip definitely. Other than that you can add some glycerine, lemon juice and a little sugar together. This mixture can be great to moisturise your feet during winters. (Also Read: How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Weather Change)

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