What are the things to avoid if you have an oily skin

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What are the things to avoid if you have an oily skin

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Handling an oily skin is more difficult than anything. The excess oil on the face leads to a lot of disappointment. You can’t really wear makeup with ease and your makeup tends to bleed every time you try to apply some. Oily skin needs more care and a good skin care routine. Some people have complete oily skin while others have oil only near the T-zone of the face. Those who have oily skin they are in a great risk to have acne and pimples on their face. Even though people have an oily skin still they do not know how to avoid getting that extra oil collection on their face. Thus, there are few things which people with oily skin should try to avoid in order to not increase their grief. (Also read: Important Facts About Washing Face For Men)

Things to avoid if you have an oily skin:

Inappropriate moisturising of skin: One should make use of the right product on the skin. If you already have too much of oily skin, then avoid using greasing moisturiser. In fact, you should try to use a moisturiser which is oil free. Excess of oil on the skin can also lead to breakouts and thus make the skin acne prone. One should use moisturiser which contains glycerine rather than natural oils like coconut oil, butter, almond oil etc.

Using excess makeup: Excess of makeup on the skin can make your oily skin bleed makeup. Already when your skin is too oily and you tend to apply more makeup which also contains oil, it becomes worse. Try to wear less makeup and make sure the products you are applying are oil free. However, make sure that you remove all the makeup from your face before you go to bed. (Also read: What Are The Benefits Of Facial Steaming)

Scrubbing your skin: While scrubbing is good for the skin but excessive scrubbing tends to make the skin produce more oil. Even if you want to scrub try to use the salicylic acid based product, either a scrub or exfoliation gel. It tends to absorb the extra oil from the face and remove the dirt from the pores.

Avoiding face wash after workout session: People who have oily skin should make sure that they wash off their face after their workout session. The sweat gets accumulated around the pores and thus makes the skin more oily and acne prone. So try to have an oil free face cleanser that contains salicylic acid and glycerine.

Excess of face washing: Excessive washing of face is not a healthy practice. Though it helps your skin to look fresh and smooth, it tends to leave the pores open. Excessive washing of face leads to extracting the natural oil from the skin and the pores on the skin tend to produce excess oil themselves. Thus, it eventually leads to more acne and pimples on the face. On an average, one should wash his/her face twice a day. However, make sure you use an oil-free face wash or cleanser. (Also read: What to eat for a glowing skin)

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