What are the things that damage the skin of a man

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What are the things that damage the skin of a man

Men are not serious about the beauty and health of their skin, due to which men’s skin starts becoming unhealthy. Due to staying in the sunlight for long hours and not using sunscreen, the moisture content of the skin decreases. Eventually, the flawlessness of the skin vanishes. But this is not the only thing that can harm their skin, there are many other things that men use every day which cause a lot of problem on the skin. (Also read: What are the habits that can help you to stay younger for a long time)

Let’s know what things damage men’s skin.

Mobile phone
things that damages mens skin
Mobile phones are such things that men use every day a lot. But we do not clean it. Therefore, the bacteria mounted on mobile phones comes in contact with the skin or hands while we talk or use the phone. These bacteria can cause acne and itching. So do not forget to clean the phone’s screen.

Aftershave lotion
Men use the aftershave lotion, but the quantity of alcohol in the aftershave lotion makes the skin dry. To make your face look fresh and flawless, use such aftershave lotions that hydrate your skin. (Also read: How To Use Glycerin For Healthy And Beautiful Hair)

Irregular food
Due to work and busyness, many men do not pay attention to their diet and skip food often. Due to this, the skin is not found to be nourished and becomes unwell. Therefore, eat enough and nutritious food thrice a day.

Cushion cover
Our body relaxes while sleeping, and with this, our skin removes dead cells and produces new cells. But dust, soil and bacteria damage the skin. Besides this, it accumulates on the pillow which we use daily and obstruct the production of new cells. Therefore, the cover of pillows should be washed several times a week.

A helmet used while riding bike or cycling or playing a game can also damage your face. In fact, because of its daily use, it leads to sweating and produces bacteria. Due to which the skin of our face starts getting damaged. Therefore, do not use the same helmet for a long time. (Also read: How to create an easy anti aging face mask at home)

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