What are the things a guy must know about shaving legs

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What are the things a guy must know about shaving legs

Hairy legs may become disappointing for some people. Well, for others it is a shield to protect the legs from extreme weather conditions. It saves them from tanning and even from cold. While women are crazy after shaving their body, some men also like to have neat and well-shaved legs. Shaving legs have both pros and cons, it may give you cuts while you use a razor and cause burning sensation. Besides this, it will initiate more growth on your legs as compared to previous time. There are lot many things one must know about shaving legs. Well, all you men out there, shaving your body is not a bad thing, it is another way of maintaining personal hygiene. (Also read: Essential grooming tips for men to look more handsome)

What are the things a guy must know about shaving legs?

Shave your legs at night: Well, most of the guys believe that time does not matter. However, it does matter! One must shave their legs at night, before going to bed. It will make the hair follicles to settle back on the skin. Shaving legs cause the pores of the skin to open up. Thus, too much exposure to dust and sunlight during the daytime will make your legs prone to acne.

Follow the right direction: Most of the men think shaving the hair strands of leg in opposite direction of their growth is right. However, this is not the case. One must shave the legs in the downward direction and then move the razor in an upward direction to give away with all unwanted hair. (Also read: Some Common Skincare Myths For Both Men And Women)

Be careful around knees: Legs have lots of uneven surface and twists and turns. So be careful while you are shaving your legs. They have to be shaved in the right direction by taking care of the areas around knees, back of the knees, ankles. The skin here is sensitive and is more prone to get cuts.

Don’t forget exfoliation: If you frequently shave your legs then you must exfoliate your skin too. Regular shaving leads to the accumulation of dead cells on the skin. Thus, you must exfoliate to remove the dead skin to make the skin breath properly.

Use an appropriate razor: Your razor must be clean and hygienic. The blades should be sharp and not out of order. A razor which can be replaced with blades 3-4 times is good to use for shaving. However, if you are using a disposable one, make sure you dispose of the razor frequently.

Besides this, moisturise your legs after you are done with shaving. It will help to reduce the burning sensation that might follow. Also, if you have heavy hair growth, go for pre-trimming. Cutting down hair with a scissor is a prime step in this and then shave the rest with a razor. (Also read: How to bleach skin with natural elements)

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