What Are The Skincare Mistakes You Make On Your 20s

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What Are The Skincare Mistakes You Make On Your 20s

When you are in your 20s, you should be very careful about your health, lifestyle and especially your skin. This is the time when you develop your entire health. There are many times, we make blunders which directly effects on our skin and we have to suffer the results of these blunders for our entire life. That is why experts say if you are on your 20s, you should take a very good care of your skin, health and lifestyle. Hence, we are here to tell you the skincare mistakes done by almost all of us. Have a look: (Also Read: Some Common Skincare Myths For Both Men And Women)

Lack of hygiene routine

The 20s are the time when we lead our life very casually. That is why we hardly bother about the hygiene and skincare. But this negligence makes us pay later. So, you should avoid sharing your make up products with others especially your lipstick and makeup brushes. Other than that, do wash your facial towel everyday to avoid facial infections and pimples.

Lack of enough sleep:
Everyone should sleep almost 7-8 hours at night. This is the basic need to make our health better. If you do not have enough sleep in your life, it can make your skin wrinkled and dead. The stress and restlessness of your entire day cause skin problems like dark circles, dead and dull skin. (Also Read: Basic Step By Step Skincare Routine For beginners)

Not using sunscreen:
No matter the outside is sunny or not, during the daytime, you should use a sunscreen for sure. Sunscreen protects our skin from the UV rays which are efficient enough to damage our skin. But we are no less when it comes to forgetting things, and we hardly bother to use the sunscreen. That is why our skin becomes tanned and it achieves ageing before the appropriate age.

Avoid exercising:
Excercise is the only way to keep your body healthy which indirectly effects on our skin. But during our 20s, we became extremely casual about things and are less bothered. So, this can affect our skin. Exercise helps us to sweat better and when we sweat, it takes out all the toxins and bad compounds from our blood and skin. This process cleans up our skin internally.

Not removing makeup before bed:
Many of us feel lazy to remove makeup before bed. This is the worst thing we do to our skin. All types of cosmetics contain chemical. However, the quality differs product to product but the harmful effects are no less. So, it is extremely important to remove the makeup before bed and apply any soothing moisturiser. (Also Read: Five Most Effective Skincare Tips For Men)

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