What are the right spots to apply perfume

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What are the right spots to apply perfume

We all know that perfume and body spray help to diminish or eradicate the body odour completely. However, most of us still struggle to know the right places where one should apply the perfume. There are few parts of the body where the bacteria attacks. Even those spots have sweat glands more active than the other parts. Thus, we should aim at targeting those areas from where the fragrance of perfume reaches the maximum. Remember, we aim at making ourselves smell, as fresh as in the morning. We can not deny the fact, that our body odour could turn people on or off depending upon how fresh we smell. A good and refreshing smell boost the confidence of people as well. (Also read: What are the after-steps of hair wash to get perfect hair)

Here are the spots on the body where we should apply perfume or body spray:

Neck: Neck area is a bit warmer than the rest of the body. It is, therefore, the pulse point of our body where we should apply some perfume. While you apply the perfume on your neck, it lasts longer and the fragrance of the perfume spreads to a wider range and become more prominent.

Hair: The strands of hair make the fragrance of the perfume last longer. However, the top of your body is your head, it creates a fresh aura around your body. But wait! Don’t spray the perfume directly on your hair, it might damage them. So, spray the perfume on your hair brush and gently comb your hair. Also, the fibres in hair grab the odour of the perfume so hard that it eventually stays for longer period of time. (Also read: What is the right order to apply makeup on the face)

The inner side of the elbow: Fragrance spreads like your veins if the perfume is sprayed on the inner side of the elbow. Also, this is the place where bacteria or sweat breeds. Therefore applying perfume here is a must.

Top of ears: The top part of the ear is the best place to hold the perfume for a longer time. This part of the ears is usually oily. Thus we should not skip spraying perfume here.

On the wrist: Spray a little perfume on your wrist and rub both the wrists together. Well, yes this is the most effective place of applying perfume. The blood vessels present on the wrist, this place is also warm and increase the odour of the perfume. The fragrance of the perfume lasts longer on this place.

On clothes: This is a very basic step of applying perfume. Most of us do that already! On must spray perfume on clothes to get rid of the bad body odour. The layer of perfume on the clothes give a cover to the odour of the body. (Also read: The Ultimate Hack To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair In Just A Minute)

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