What are the natural ways to get thicker eyebrows

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What are the natural ways to get thicker eyebrows

Thick eyebrows give your eyes a fuller and complete look. They enhance the overall look while you are all set to go for the party. Usually, light and thin eyebrows make you look dull and unappealing. Hence, one should switch to natural ways to make their eyebrows thick and strong. Excess usage of cosmetics and beauty products prove harmful for the skin and shows the signs of ageing much before you actually reach that age. Some people naturally have thin eyebrows while others lose the volume of their eyebrows with time or due to some serious medical issues like chemotherapy and radiation. One should start using the natural ways to get the thick eyebrows. (Also read: What Are The Best Peel Off Masks To Deep Clean The Skin)

Here are some of the most natural ways to get thicker eyebrows:

Olive oil: Olive oil is good for hair growth. It is rich in vitamin E which makes the skin healthy and initiate healthy growth of hair. Massaging your eyebrows for 5 minutes daily before going to bed with olive oil will help you get thicker and darker eyebrows.

Onion juice: Onion juice promotes hair growth and helps you to get better and shiny hair. Onion contains sulphur which helps in the growth of the eyebrow hair. Thus, the increased production of collagen tissues helps to have thicker issues. You can extract onion juice by grinding an onion. Rub the juice on the eyebrows and leave it overnight to get the best results. (Also read: DIY Home Made Night Creams For A Healthy Skin)

Aloe vera: To improve and increase the growth of eyebrow hair, one must apply aloe vera gel on the eyebrows. It helps to moisturise the hair follicles and help to get thicker and stronger brows. Massage the eyebrows with aloe vera gel and leave it for 30 minutes. To get the best results. Repeat the procedure daily.

Milk: Milk promotes hair growth, It contains all the essential nutrients required for the natural growth of the hair. It even helps to improve the roots of the hair and makes them strong. Apply some milk on your eyebrows and let it dry. Wash it off with water the next morning. If you follow the same procedure daily. You will notice the difference in 15 days.

Castor oil: Castor oil is one of the best remedies to promote the growth of eyebrows. It is rich in necessary proteins and vitamins that are essential for the growth of the hair. So massage your eyebrows with castor oil and leave it overnight. Wash it off with water and moisturise your skin afterwards. If you feel allergic after applying castor oil, then avoid using it. (Also read: What are the things to avoid if you have an oily skin)

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