What Are The Myths Related To Hair Which You Should Stop Believing

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What Are The Myths Of Hair You Should Stop Believing

We love our hair and we do many things with the hair like straightening, curling, shampooing and so on. In fact, we believe in advises given by various people. From using hair oil to styling hair with various tools we believe in many things which other people tell us. But we never try to find out the right advise from any authentic source. Likewise, we are damaging our hair more than you can even imagine. So, if you want to care your hair you have to stop believing all the myths regarding hair. Hence, we have come up with some information which will be great for your hair and will burst all the myths. (Also Read: How To Make Homemade Hair Serum)

Frequent trimming will help in growing the hair:
Yes, this is a myth. This is the most common and popular myth of hair. People say that trim your hair frequently in order to grow hair faster. However, trimming hair helps them look healthier and out of all the split ends. But that does not mean it will help in accelerating the hair growth. Our hair grows from the roots not from the ends. Hence, chopping off the ends does not make any sense.

The more you brush your hair they more they become healthy:
If you think that hair brushing is the exercise of your hair, then you are absolutely wrong. You think that brushing your hair almost 7-8 times will help in growing the hair. But the worst part is, your hair gets damaged by over brushing. There are chances of falling hair than proving a good health. Brush them when they have knots. (Also Read: The Ultimate Hack To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair In Just A Minute)

At a certain limit your hair stops growing:
You may have heard this myth about hair. This is an untrue statement. Your hair growth has no limit. If you maintain really good diet and a superb care of your lustrous locks, they will grow as much as you want them to grow, there is no limit.

Coloring your hair makes them unhealthy:
Colouring your hair does not make them unhealthy. Bleaching is indeed the worst things you can do to your hair but when you colour your hair just make sure that the colour does not contain bleach inside. Removing the colour from the hair makes each strand thinner and more prone to breakage but adding colour do not. (Also Read: What Are The Benefits Of Using Henna On Hair)

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