What are the most essential tips for applying a sunscreen lotion

What are the most essential tips for applying a sunscreen lotion

Sunscreen lotion is one of the basic steps to protect your skin from damage. While we go out in Sun, the harmful ultraviolet rays from Sun soaks the natural oil and water from the skin. This tends to make our skin dull and lifeless. In order to save it from getting tanned, one must apply Sunscreen lotion. This provides a shield to the skin and protects the skin from getting damaged. When Sun rays goes harsh on our skin, there forms dark spots and leaves it into an uneven tone of the skin. Thus, one must take care of the various important things about sunscreen lotion. (Also read: What is the best night skin care routine one must follow)

Use a thick layer of sunscreen: Do not just do the formality of applying a sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen lotion of SPF 30. Apply a layer of sunscreen evenly. One should apply at least a tablespoon of sunscreen on the face to protect it from the damage. The lesser the SPF the more the skin damages.

Apply the sunscreen directly on face: Do not take sunscreen on your hand and then rub it onto your face. Simply apply the product directly on the face. So that all the ingredients and minerals in it can be absorbed by the body. This will help in better protection. (Also read: How To Get A Younger Looking Neck Easily)

Choose the right SPF: The more the SPF, the longer it protects the skin. SPF 30 helps to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays for about 10 hours whereas SPF 50 protects your skin for around 16 hours. Besides this, it also depends on the weather. If it is too sunny then you should use higher SPF value.

Apply sunscreen before going out: Sunscreen lotion needs time to come into action. So, apply it before you go out in Sun. It will settle on your skin and become effective when you will go out. Always make sure you apply a sunscreen then use a facial moisturiser.

Reapply sunscreen lotion: Yes, it’s true! One can reapply sunscreen after an interval of 90 minutes. The effect of sunscreen becomes less after 90 minutes, so it can be reapplied without doing any damage to the skin. so, always carry the sunscreen with you.

Go for natural sunscreen: Markets are flooded with natural sunscreen lotions. So, try the one having natural products like aloe vera gel. It helps to provide a coolness to the skin without causing any chemical damage. (Also read: Eliminate acne with the help of garlic)

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