What are the moisturiser mistakes one should stop making

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What are the moisturiser mistakes one should stop making

In order to keep the skin hydrated, we need to apply moisturiser to it. In winters the application of moisturiser is quite essential in comparison to that of summers. During winters the skin becomes dry and lifeless. Thus, to keep the skin young and glowing for a long time one should apply moisturiser. It helps to keep the skin hydrated. However, one must take extra care of the skin while applying moisturiser. Most of us commit certain mistakes while applying moisturiser which eventually makes the skin lifeless. Thus, we must discuss some of the major mistakes that we commit while applying moisturiser. (Also read: How does vitamin E help hair and skin)

What are the moisturiser mistakes one should stop making?

Applying moisturiser on dry skin: Instead of applying moisturiser on the extremely dry skin, one must apply it to the moist or wet skin. When the skin is wet, the skin pores are open which is essential to keep the skin hydrated for a long time. Thus, one must apply moisturiser right after bathing. This will definitely help the skin to stay moisturised.

Not applying moisturiser on oily skin: Many people believe that there is no need to apply moisturiser to the oily skin. However, moisturiser is essential for every skin type to keep it hydrated. If you have an oily skin then you should use an oil-free moisturiser. (Also read: What are the easy makeup tricks to make your face look thinner)

Don’t use moisturiser as an under eye cream: One must not apply the moisturiser beneath the eyes. The skin under the eyes is quite sensitive. The moisturiser has fragrance in it which may cause inflammation in the skin and the eyes. Thus, one must not apply moisturiser under the eyes.

Excess use of moisturiser: One must not overuse the moisturiser on the skin. If your skin is turning dry even after applying moisturiser that you are using a low-quality moisturiser. Thus, one must use a good quality moisturiser.

Applying moisturiser only on face: Applying moisturiser only on the face is not a good habit. Every part of our body needs to be moisturised to keep the skin hydrated. (Also read: What are the disadvantages of using facial wipes)

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