What Are The Major Skin And Hair Benefits Of Dates

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What Are The Major Skin And Hair Benefits Of Dates

The sweet and fleshy Dates are grown on the date palm tree. Dates are rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Riboflavin, Niacin and Folate. Apart from these, dates are rich in Minerals, Energy and Sugar making it good for the overall body. There are some hidden beauty secrets of Dates which nourishes the skin and are good for hair too. Thus, find below some major skin and hair benefits of Dates to give yourself an appealing appearance.

Gives A Younger Looking Skin:

You cannot get aged if dry Dates are the part of your schedule. The Dates tame the free radicals which are responsible to cause oxidative stress and premature ageing. Thus, intake of Dates can give you a younger looking skin.

Treats Scars:

The scars on the skin hinder the face beauty however, Dates have a measure to it. This rich source of Vitamin B helps in eliminating acne marks from the skin making it flawless. Thus, you can apply a mixture of honey and mashed dates on the face to get great results.

Heals The Damaged Skin Cells:

The Vitamin B present in the dry Dates have the potential to treat the damage caused to the skin due to free radicals. Also, the presence of pantothenic acid i.e., Vitamin B5 helps the skin to get the natural glow. Therefore, eat Dates to get the vibrant skin.

Thickens The Hair:

As Dates are rich in essential elements like Vitamin B and Iron which nourish the hair, Dates oil can be used on hair to increase their thickness and quality. Therefore, apply Dates oil on hair to get the visible changes.

Reduces Hair Fall:

Being present with Vitamin B and Iron, Dates help extensively in reducing hair fall because both are the major elements which prevent hair loss. Therefore, Dates can prove to be very beneficial if you are suffering from hair fall problem.

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