What are the major reasons of hair loss

What are the major reasons of hair loss

Hair fall has become the concern of almost everyone nowadays. Continuous thinning and shedding of hair is common in both men and women. There are many factors that lead to loss of hair right from hormonal changes, excessive shampooing, ageing and much more. Let’s have a look at the major factors that causes hair fall.

1. Stress: Any kind of stress be it physical or emotional, both speeds up the process of hair fall. Overthinking and tension weakens the roots thus our hair shed more than usual.

2. Hormonal Changes: Both men and women undergo hormonal changes during the different phase in life. Consumption of birth control pills and menstrual pause are certain causes of hair loss. Consult a doctor in case the situation is not under control.

3. Chemotherapy: Due to the heavy dosage which is given to the patient suffering from cancer, hair fall or complete hair loss can be seen in some. It’s an unavoidable situation, however, after the process of chemo, the patient gets new hair growth.

4. Deficiency of Vitamin B: Deficiency of Vitamin B in the body causes hair loss. Hair starts losing their grip with the roots and thus are more prone to fall. A complete vitamin B rich diet should be followed that includes fish, eggs, vegetables and cereals.

5. Anaemia: Most of the women are anaemic these days. Deficiency of iron is common in women and a regular test can determine the same. Taking supplements and iron capsules can help in lowering the effect.

6. Weight Loss:
Dieting or reducing weight leads to the deficiency of essential vitamins, minerals, and calcium in our body. In order to look slim, we forget to eat the necessary enriched food that leads to hair loss.

7. Excess of Vitamin A: Excess of anything is bad. Overconsumption of Vitamin, A rich food is also not good for health. One must keep a check on the proportions and should try to take a balanced diet.

8. Heredity: It has been scientifically proven that we acquire certain diseases and habits from our genes. Hair fall is also genetics in some cases. If you have a family background where hair fall is a common problem faced by all, then to escape from the same is quite difficult. In such cases after reaching a certain age, hair starts falling for no reason.

9. Over Styling: Excessive use of appliances and heat on your hair can cause rapid hair fall. Heat makes the hair lose their roots and thus make them fall at a great pace. Do not experiment much with the hair.

10. Lack of protein and Vitamin E: A diet that lacks in protein rich food encourages hair loss. One should take a complete balanced diet to equalise the proportion required by the body. Vitamin E is too essential for our body. Include green leafy vegetables, nuts, olive oil, kiwi etc. in your diet.

11. Hypothyroidism: This is a term used to determine the lack of functioning of thyroid glands. Sometimes the thyroid glands are underactive thus not efficiently releasing out hormones which lead to increase in hair loss.

12. Infected Scalp:
Sometimes we ignore the itching and irritation we feel on our scalp. It could be a serious infection which makes our hair prone to fall. Take a medical advice in such case and switch to antibacterial shampoos.

13. Pollution: The increased rate of pollution in the environment is ultimately affecting our body. Hair is directly exposed to air pollution. Also, the adulterated groundwater damages our hair and takes away their natural oil causing them dry.

14. Balanced Diet: Lack of proper diet is the prime reason that contributes to hair loss. One should take a diet enriched with vitamins and minerals in right portion and do proper workout to maintain the circulation of blood that is quite necessary.

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