What are the major causes of dark lips

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What are the major causes of dark lips

Everyone wants to attain the perfect pink lips. However, that is not always possible as many habits lead to the dark lips. The dark lips not only look unattractive but they also signify that all is not well with your body. If you know the causes of the problem of your dark lips then you can work to uproot the cause, instead of looking for a temporary solution. Everyday habits like smoking, not having enough water etc. destroy the health of your lips and make them dark in appearance. It is important to take care of your lips to keep them naturally pink. Let’s get to know the causes of the same. (Also read: 5 reasons that are causing dark circles under your eyes)

One of the key reasons for dark lips is Anemia. It happens in case of pregnant women often. The main cause of anaemia is lack of iron, that leads to lack of haemoglobin. In turn, it leads to dark lips.

Dry Lips
The dry lips can also lead to dark lips. When your lips turn dry, they lose natural moisture. So, if you don’t care for your dry lips they lose their natural colour and turn darker in colour. So it important to take care of dry lips instantly.  (Also read: How reverse hair washing helps you to get soft and bouncy hair)

Unhealthy lifestyle
Your lifestyle has a major impact on your health and your physical condition. Smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking not enough water etc. can impact your skin as well as turn the lip darker in colour.

Exposure to sun
When you are out in the sun for too long, its UV(Ultraviolet) rays harm the skin as well as your lips. It destroys the natural texture and colour of the lips. So, it is better to apply the sunscreen on your lips when you go out.

When the amount of melanin is too much on the lips then it leads to the problem of hyperpigmentation. When the excess melanin is accumulated it is because of sun’s rays. It leads to dark lips.  (Also read Quick Guide To Get An Acne Free Skin)

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