What are the healthy tips that help to get rid of dark lips

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what are the tips to get rid of dark lips

The problem of pigmented, dark and black lip is a common problem. Everyone has the desire for beautiful, pink and soft lips. People who have the same problem they feel embarrassed. The problem of dark lips occurs due to excessive consumption of tea or coffee, due to the harmful rays of the sun and due to the poor daily routine. Moreover, the lips also become black due to the use of chemical products. The hormonal imbalance and ageing are also the reason for darker lips. Here are simple solutions to get rid of this problems. (Also read: How Is Watermelon Beneficial For Skin And Hair)

Let’s know beauty tips to overcome the problems of dark lips.

Reduce coffee consumption
Excessive intake of tea and coffee causes darkness of your lips. Coffee and tea contain a high amount of caffeine which makes your lips black and dark. To lighten the lips reduce the consumption coffee and tea.

Stop smoking
Cigarette contains nicotine due to which the lips become dark. Apart from this, tobacco and tar in it make your lips black and dark. Melanin is produced due to the heat released from the cigarettes, which makes lips dark. To get pink and soft lips stop smoking. (Also read: Which makeup products one must not use every day)

Avoid going into the sunlight
The harmful rays of the sun make your lips dark because it leads to melanin production in lips. Try to use SPF / UV protector products before going out in the sun.

Using Lipstick
The excessive use of lipstick also causes dark and black lips, especially when you use cheap products. So always use good lipsticks and check their expiry dates as well.

Stay hydrated
Always keep your lips hydrated so that all the toxins in your lips are destroyed. For this, you should consume enough water or eat water-containing fruits. Lips are very sensitive so keep them moisturised.

Eat nutritious food items
Vitamin deficiency can make the lips dark. So eat nutrients that contain high amounts of vitamins. To remove the pigmentation of the lips, eat food rich in vitamins. (Also read: How to get a flawless skin using beetroot face packs)

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