What are the hair styling mistakes that lead to loss of hair

What are the hair styling mistakes that lead to loss of hair

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Choosing the right hairstyle is necessary to avoid any kind of hair fall. People often do the desirable hairstyle without considering the actual type of hairdo that they should do. There are certain rules and tips one should follow in order to prevent hair loss. When hair loss starts it often leads to quite extensive hair fall. It becomes extremely uncontrollable to save the hair. Already there is so much pollution around and protecting hair becomes quite hectic. Besides this, too much exposure in Sun also leads damages our hair. Thus, one should avoid doing hair styling mistakes and maintain the long tresses as they are. (Also read: What are the various foods one should eat to get rid of dark lips)

What are the hair styling mistakes that lead to loss of hair?

Excessively tight ponytails: Tight ponytails and hairdo often lead to a lot of stress in hair. Too much tension in hair causes a lot of hair fall. Thus, one should not tuck hair too tightly in order to protect hair from falling off. Besides this, do not tuck hair too tight for too long. It will make hair fall more than usual.

Using too hot tools: We all go gaga over the hot irons and styling tools, as they make our hair look perfect. But these styling tools often make the hair damaged. The excessive heat from the hair penetrates to the root and make the hair lose the roots. This leads to more breakage of hair. (Also read: How is black tea beneficial for both skin and hair)

Using the wrong comb: We all use hair comb or hairbrush. But, most of us do not know which hair brush to use for doing different styling. This often makes the hair stuck in the comb and leads to more falling of hair. One should use wide hair comb to unknot the hair. It will prevent the hair from falling down.

Too much use of chemicals: In order to settle our hair, we often tend to use sprays and gels. These products are a storehouse of chemicals. These products leave the hair rough and dry. Besides this, chemicals make our hair dull and lifeless after a certain point of time. So, avoid using these chemical products as much as you can.

Excess dyeing or colouring of hair: Well, everyone wants to go with the trend but is the trend making us all lose the natural shine of the hair? Yes, indeed! Dye and hair colour are full of harmful chemicals and bleach that makes our hair weak and more prone to hair fall. It fades away the natural keratin, the type of hair protein present in the hair and thus hair tends to fall. One should avoid using these products until it’s absolutely necessary. This is one of the foremost ways by which one can protect the hair from falling down. (Also read: What are the most essential tips for applying a sunscreen lotion)

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