What are the face wash mistakes that you are making

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What are the face wash mistakes that you are making

Your face suffers from dust pollution, dirt and dust every day. To keep it fresh and clean everyone prefers to wash their face every now and then. However, not many know about the hidden facts behind washing your face. It might sound surprising but even a small action like washing your face can have a huge impact on your skin. Washing your face regularly is considered a part of good hygiene. Therefore, not many people think about the possible side effects of the washing your face. However, that is not the truth, even though washing your face is important to keep your face fresh. It can also lead to a dry and rough skin. (Also read: What are the causes behind the itchy skin)

Constant face washing makes your skin dry
If you have a habit of washing your frequently, then you must know that it is actually harming your skin. Regular face wash removes the natural oil from the skin, leaving it dry and rough.

Soap is your worst enemy
People often use soap to wash their face. However, soap often consists of harmful chemical that can destroy the natural moisture of the skin. Soap makes the skin dull and lifeless. (Also read: What are the bad habits that are causing clogged pores)

Too hot or too cold water
Many times people miss out on this crucial part of washing the face that is the temperature of water. Too hot or too cold water can harm your skin in the worst possible manner. It damages the uppermost layer of the skin, making it rough and lifeless.

Using the wrong cleanser on the skin
Every skin type is different, therefore the requirement of cleanser is also different. Before picking up the cleanser, you must understand your skin type, else, the face wash will leave your skin damaged.

After washing the face, most people forget to moisturize the face. It is an important part of face care routine. Face wash can leave your face dry and rough, so always keep the moisturizer ready. (Also read: What to eat for a glowing skin)

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