What are the drawbacks of not removing eye makeup before sleeping

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Removing eye makeup before sleep is mandatory.

Not removing eye makeup before sleep may cause problems.

Majority of women apply makeup to look attractive. But using excessive makeup may cause damage to your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appear on the skin due to excessive usage of makeup. It is mandatory to use makeup with proper precautions and guidelines. Despite the makeup enhance the overall look, it is mandatory to remove all the makeup before sleeping especially eye makeup. Applying eye makeup is quite tough but removing the same is a very easy task. Unfortunately, some women did not bother to remove the eye makeup due to lethargic attitude. Eyes suffer a lot of damages if you don’t remove the eye makeup before sleeping. If you sleep with eye makeup, it triggers many eye-related problems like irritation and dark circles. It is mandatory to remove the make before sleeping. (Also read: Is Applying Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes Safe)

Problems which occur if you don’t remove eye makeup before sleeping

  • Irritation in eyes
  • Clogging of follicles of eyelash
  • Breakage of eyelashes
  • Dark circle
  • Infections

Irritation in eyes due to sleeping with eye-makeup on
The chemical present in eye-makeup products causes dryness and redness in the eyes. Sleeping with eye-makeup on also cause irritation in eyes. If you want to keep your eyes healthy then there are some effective Ayurvedic ways, to know more click here.

Clogging of follicles of eyelash

Removing eye makeup before sleep is mandatory for healthy eyes.
Not removing eye makeup before sleeping may cause clogging of eyelash follicles.

The eyelash follicles get clogged if you do not remove eye-makeup like mascara and eyeliner, Kohl etc. Moreover, it also closes oil glands of eyelashes, which is dangerous for eye health.

Breakage of eyelashes
Mascara is applied on eyelashes to make them denser. Unfortunately, many women sleep without removing eye makeup product mascara, which leads to breakage of eyelashes.

Dark circles
Despite eye makeup is used to make eyes beautiful but if the eye-makeup is not used with proper precautions, the chemicals found in eye-makeup can cause dark circles.

Infections in the eyes
There are many chemicals in eye-makeup products which may cause infection. To prevent infection, it is mandatory to remove eye-makeup before sleeping. (Also read: How to make eyes look bigger and beautiful)

The eye-makeup enhance the beauty of eyes but it also causes many damages to eyes if not removed before sleep. It is mandatory to remove eye makeup before sleeping. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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