What are the disadvantages of using facial wipes

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What are the disadvantages of using facial wipes

Most of us use facial wipes to cleanse the makeup from the face or wipe off the sweat. It has been good to go option if you are too lazy to wash the face. However, no one must have told you about the various side effects and disadvantages of using a facial wipe. Not just they are non-biodegradable, they often harm the skin as they contain alcoholic agent in them. Also, wiping the face harshly with them hurts the skin. Besides this, the bacteria of the makeup often sticks on the skin that does not go off by just using a facial wipe. Thus, we all must reconsider using a facial wipe next time. (Also read: How is green tea useful in preventing hair loss)

What are the disadvantages of using facial wipes?

Do not clean the skin completely: We all use a facial wipe to clean up the makeup from the face. We feel satisfied by looking at the dirt that comes off from our face after using a wipe. But that’s not just enough. Our face has a lot of germs, bacteria and fungus that can’t be removed by wiping it off. One must have to wash the face after using a wet wipe or a facial wipe.

Makes the skin dry: Facial cleaning wet wipes contain chemicals in them. Wet wipes contain alcohol, chemicals and preservatives which helps to prolong the life of the wipes. It even helps to keep the bacteria, fungus and other germs away, so that the wipe does not get turn useless. These ingredients make the skin dry and rough. Thus, one must always wash the face with water after using a facial wipe. (Also read: What are the worst shower mistakes that damage the skin)

Reduce the impact of skincare products: Facial wipes contain a lot of chemicals that undo the impact of the skincare products. So, one must avoid using a wet wipe on the face while applying any skincare product.

Harmful to the skin around eyes: Eyes are the most delicate organ of our body. Wiping them off harshly with a facial wipe is not a good idea. It causes wrinkles and irritation near the eyes. Thus, one must not remove the eye makeup using a wet wipe. There is also a risk of getting the makeup particles inside the eyes.

Harms the overall skin: Excess use of wet wipes leads to the problem of dark spots, allergic reaction, acne, pimples on the face. The reaction of chemicals on the face is too much that it harms the sensitive skin of the face. (Also read: What are the various side effects of applying makeup to the skin)

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