What are the common side-effects of facial hair waxing

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common side-effects of facial hair waxing

Common side-effects of facial hair waxing

Many things like acne, scars and wrinkles reduce the beauty of your face. To overcome these problems, you have many ways to go for. Like all these things, unwanted hair on the face also reduces the beauty of your face. Women use many methods to remove hair from the face. Some of these are home remedies and some of these different methods. But some women also go for waxing to remove unwanted hair from the face. To remove hair from hands, feet and underarms, you must have heard of waxing. Waxing is now done to remove hair from the face as well. However, there are many side effects of waxing the facial hair. (Also read: What Are The Ways By Which You Can Make Your Waxing Less Painful)

Common side-effects of facial hair waxing

  • Rashes
  • Sun sensitivity
  • Ingrown Hair
  • Pain
  • Infection

Waxing on the face leads to problems like rashes and irritation. Although these are rashes are a very common side effect and just last for a day, you should keep an eye on them. Sometimes these rashes turn into serious problems. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Using Waxing Strips)

Sun sensitivity

Common side-effects of facial hair waxing
The common side-effect of facial hair waxing is sun sensitivity

If you are facing the problem of sunburn then your face should not be waxed. During that time you should take special care of your skin. Also, if you have waxed the facial hair then you should avoid going out in the sun. During the waxing on the face, the upper layer of the skin(epidermis) with the hair also gets removed. Because of which your skin becomes more sensitive in sunlight.  (Also Read: What Are The Things You Should Never Do After Waxing)

Ingrown Hair
The problem of ingrown hair is also due to waxing or shaving. To prevent ingrown hair during the wax, pull the strip on the opposite side of the hair. Many times hair roots are strong because they do not get completely out of the waxing, which keeps the ingrown hair.

Pain due to waxing is a lot. This happens when the wax strip is removed very quickly. During this process, the one with the sensitive skin faces the most trouble.

Some people get infected due to waxing. Many times the skin starts to bleed or the skin gets damaged during waxing.

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So, be very careful about the facial hair. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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